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“Building mutual respect, understanding, and appreciation among Jews, Catholics, and all people of good will by providing opportunities for interfaith education and dialogue.”

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A Dynamic Partnership Between Jews and Catholics

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Resources and Programming

Because of our university roots, as well as our commitment to community service, the Center offers a variety of interfaith education and dialogue resources and programming to serve clergy, congregations, classrooms (teachers and students at all levels), and the community at large. Examples include:

A Blessing To One Another

“As Christians and Jews, following the example of the faith of Abraham, we are called to be a blessing for the world.This is a common task awaiting us. It is therefore necessary for us, Christians and Jews, to be first a blessing to one another.” — Pope John Paul II, April 1993

“We need to know each other better, and, on the strength of that mutual discovery, to build relationships not just of tolerance, but of authentic respect.”  — Pope Benedict XVI, October 2006

“The Center for Catholic-Jewish Studies at Saint Leo University has both dedicated lay leadership and a superb professional staff.  But it also requires the commitment and generosity of its many friends and supporters who recognize the extraordinary role the Center plays in building human bridges of mutual respect and understanding.” — Rabbi A. James Rudin, September 2009

A Brief Guide for Interfaith Education and Dialogue:

For information regarding the Rabbi A. James Rudin Endowment for Interreligious Studies at Saint Leo University please contact the Center Director.

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Other Resources

The Center encourages you to visit the websites of these respected interfaith education and dialogue resources:

Paulist Press

Stimulus Foundation Publications

Saint Leo University Library

Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations

Center for Catholic-Jewish Learning (CCJL)

American Jewish Committee

A dynamic partnership between Catholics and Jews.

The year 2012 marks the 47th anniversary of Vatican II’s

declaration, Nostra Aetate (“In Our Time”), which opened the

door for interfaith education and dialogue in the Catholic

Church. The Center for Catholic-Jewish Studies at Saint Leo

University embodies the legacy of Nostra Aetate, a vision of mutual spiritual and academic enrichment between Jews and Christians.