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Walking God’s Paths

Looking for a quality interfaith study program?
CCJS recommends “Walking God’s Paths”

CCJS proudly recommends “Walking God’s Paths: Christians and Jews in Candid Conversation,” a six part video-based interfaith dialogue and education series that includes free online access to study guides and facilitator resources. A joint venture of Boston College’s Center for Christian Jewish Learning, the National Council of Synagogues, and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, the series is intended for use by Catholic and Jewish congregations led by knowledgeable clergy and facilitators. Facilitation guidelines include suggestions for use in Protestant-Jewish dialogues. The materials are also recommended for use in pastoral and academic courses focusing on interfaith and comparative religion topics.

Program Content:

More than 3000 copies of “Walking God’s Paths” have been sold nationwide since the program was released in 2004. Each WGP segment is approximately 15 minutes in length and has a detailed online User’s Guide containing segment scripts, discussion questions, and additional resources for further study. Each of the six segments features Jewish and Catholic clergy and scholars of national acclaim in the field of interfaith relations. The series is designed to provide participants with an understanding of what Jews and Christians share, where they differ, and how they can work together for a better world.

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